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Why We’re Different

We help you identify gaps in your Customer Experience.

For example…

  • Is your sales & marketing messaging built to help potential customers identify potential pitfalls or missed opportunities?
  • Do your marketing tactics seamlessly integrate into the behaviors of your target, rather than attempting to change their behaviors?
  • Does a sales call lead with your list of product attributes instead of leading prospects “to” your solution?
  • Are your employees actively engaged in your company and your customers, regularly going the extra mile?
  • Does your team regularly identify the obstacles your customers face and have the freedom to completely change the way you do business to overcome those obstacles?

But we don’t leave you with theories. We turn theory into action.
That’s how we’re different.

The Helicx Approach

In short, we show you how you can understand your customer’s purchase habits so you can intersect your customer’s current behaviors, rather than taking the more difficult path of trying to shift their behavior.

Our Helicx 360° approach provides an action plan. We balance science of psychology with creativity to analyze your team’s customer acquisition efforts (sales & marketing) and your customer retention/fulfillment (employee productivity & engagement) in order to optimize these processes through the lens of customer experience. Our unique set of tools help you identify the Moments of Truth along the purchase journey that matter to your customers. Then we help your team implement the tactics needed to deliver flawlessly and consistently.

If you’re not sure whether Helicx is right for your organization, answer these nine questions to find out.

Customer Experience Marketing Deliverables

  • Understand why your customers buy and how you can insert your solutions into those habits, rather than taking the more difficult path of trying to shift their behavior.
  • Define relevant stories for your sales team to leverage to touch customers more often, without annoying them.
  • Implement more effective marketing communications using less expensive media channels.
  • Sync the right message with the proper context and timing for the purchase decision.
  • Save countless man-hours (and dollars) developing new products or launching new technologies like software, websites or mobile apps.

Customer Experience Sales Deliverables

  • Our Story Selling method shows how you can control the sales conversation by intersecting customer behaviors rather than interrupting.
  • Manage your sales efforts with defined metrics (we can’t change what we can’t measure).
  • Create a proven profile for hiring the best sales staff
  • Increase the prospecting rate and the close rate for your sales team.
  • Shorten your sales cycle.

Employee Engagement Deliverables

  • Create a proven profile for hiring only the most effective CX driven employees.
  • Create teams of Intrapreneurs: employees who think and deliver like owners.
  • Identify your Moments of Truth and define clear accountable methods for your team members to deliver.
  • Redefine customer experience: traditional customer service plays only a minor role in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Re-energize employees for thriving teams and positive internal partnerships.
  • Deepen your recruitment bench by attracting the best talent.

 High Performance Leadership Deliverables

  • Grow high-performance leadership not only among managers but also staff leaders.
  • Fill your leadership pipeline for succession planning.
  • Develop effective leaders by improving decision-making and core leadership skills.
  • Create an engaging, productive and fulfilling corporate culture to help attract the right talent.
  • Click here to contact us and learn the basis for our simple process.

The Helicx Team

We do what we say

We do a full analysis of your organization to understand whether or not we can help you. If we can’t, we won’t waste your time. If we can, we offer money-back guarantees. See how we think by trying us out for free.

We emphasize action

We’re don’t just point you in the right direction, then depart like many business consulting groups. We show you the steps to get to your goals. Or, if you prefer, we can take those actions for you.

We are creative

This customer engagement company was founded by a former agency creative director and a psychologist. These combined talents ensure your Customer Experience processes are not only innovative and break-through for your industry but is also relevant to your buyers’ needs and values.

We are experienced

We’ve worked with every size company, on every sized project, over the years – Fortune 1000 companies to local retailers or business-to-business manufacturers. Yet, we treat all of our valued customers as if your business is our most important. After all, we’re only interested in results. Our familiarity with how customers buy as well as competitive and industry best practices is not based on the size of the company but on the actions of your customer.

For case studies or information about our experience in your industry, email us.

We are lean

We apply lean manufacturing techniques to our development process. Why spend thousands of dollars developing products, services or even product features that your customers have no use for or marketing that doesn’t engage your customer? Instead we build minimally viable iterations to determine the usability/functionality and gauge marketability. Once we have it right, we can build out the remaining features, meeting your customers needs and pivoting along the way if necessary.

We are collaborative

We don’t pretend to know everything. You know your industry and your customers better than we do. We know how to build engagement. Working together, we can meet your goals and engage your customers.

That being said, we’re only interested in providing unbiased recommendations that can help you create more engaging customer experiences, not “selling” you our services. Many of our clients simply use our team to develop messaging or tools for their sales teams or their traditional ad agency. Some clients prefer to let us do the set up, then execute on their own. We don’t mind. We play well with others.

Best of all, our processes are not “black box.” With scheduling and weekly check-ins, you always know where your project is at any given stage of development.

We are affordable

Tell us your budget and we’ll make it happen.

As an example, we’ve built websites from $5,000 to $250,000. Many of our clients with limited budgets use our Streamline Web Development model. This way, they leverage our experience in customer engagement and heuristic methods to build a simple website that’s more effective than they can get from a web service or freelancer.

For clients seeking the improved sales that come from stronger engagement and its resulting brand loyalty, we apply lean manufacturing techniques to our Customer Experience development process. We can develop everything all at once or one feature at a time so you can disaster-check with your customers before investing in the full development. Saving you thousands in the process.

Of course, this also means we’re not the best group to use as a price check. Because our approach is dramatically different. You’re not paying for a website or a mobile app or SEO. You’re paying for the experience you need to engage your customers and generate sales. If you want an estimate to compare with other estimates, just give us a call and we’ll tell you if you’re getting a good deal. No obligation.

We are global

We provide the global perspective you need, with extensive experience and collaborative joint partnerships that span six continents. In addition, our team has members located around the world so we can provide you access to the talent you need, but also the sensitivity to local culture.

We are cutting edge

Yes, we geek out. We have our moments when we are foaming at the mouth about the latest hardware, software or just ideas. It keeps us fresh. But if we start to speak nerd and you’re not following, feel free to ask us to slow our roll. We may need a hit off our inhaler, but we’ll eventually begin to make sense again.

We attract some of the best talent

Professional? Check. Wicked smart? Check. Located in our offices? Not so much. We attract the best talent because we respect them for their skills, not their location. We present a global team that help you uncover the insights about your customers needed to develop the media-agnostic strategies and tactics to drive true customer engagement.