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Organizational processes designed for the good
of the Customer.

Process Mapping-01Chances are, your organization is like most – your internal processes were created for the good of your company.

Most companies are developed with an Inside-Out orientation. In other words, all or most of your processes were created and reviewed from the perspective of the needs of the organization.

We help you re-orient your processes to be Outside-In, focused on the needs of your customers.

Keep in mind, Customer Experience processes are about creating the right environment, rather than prescribing (or scripting) employee actions at every point like a Customer Service process.

So when we talk about ‘designing’ customer experience, it’s about designing a culture and framework that enables your teams to deliver an exceptional Customer Experience.

  • First, we map your current processes to identify current workflows.
  • Secondly, we identify customer’s functional and emotional needs as they move through their own independent purchase journey (independent of your solutions).
  • Then we detail the touch-points and Moments of Truth for your target audiences, overlaying these Customer needs with your current processes.
  • We help you adapt your corporate objectives to reflect your new Outside-In approach.
  • Finally, we sift the corporate objectives into individual objectives for the employees of your company, giving them an action plan and metrics to measure their own productivity.

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