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How far away are you from reaping the benefits of Customer Experience?

In 2014, Gartner, a marketing trends group, predicted that 89% of brands would compete mainly on customer experience by 2016, versus 36% from 2010. Guess what? It’s now 2018! Has their prediction come true?

Sort of.

Today brands are definitely competing more on customer experience—but many brands are still woefully unaware. Companies today are still stumbling around alternative digital tactics to try to sell customers products with no consideration for how the experience actually affects the customer.

Too many companies have still yet to tackle the basics of customer service, let alone customer experience. In some highly dysfunctional organizations they actual have a “customer experience” department, purely for public relations purposes. In practice, this department may very rarely interact with customer service.

We can execute a Customer Experience Audit of your organization. It consists of a variety of factors including measuring employee engagement and customer engagement. By defining the Customer Experience gaps in your company, we can help you begin to build a bridge over the gap.

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