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So why does Customer Experience matter

for your organization:

  • Customer-Experience-ManagementThe opportunity is enormous. Only 1% of customers say their expectations were always met by their actual experiences. That leaves 99% of the market as potential customers for you.
  • Your competitors are feeding you customers. After enduring a poor experience, 89% of customers say they would immediately take their business to your competitor. Many more do this without even consciously thinking about it.
  • Save money on marketing. Consider that Starbucks built one of the strongest, valuable brands with little to no advertising: Built on the experience of their stores and the engagement of their employees. Even your marketing touches are different. By focusing on the customer experience you can deliver personalized communications tailored to each individual customer, often for less than reaching a mass market.
  • Improve the quality of your leads. Can you remember a time when a company exceeded your expectations? How many people did you tell about it? A great experience creates referrals. If you’re introduced to a prospect by a customer, your chances of closing that sale are remarkably higher.
  • You can charge more. In return for a great experience, 86% of customers say they’ll pay up to 25% more.
  • You can increase loyalty. In a recent survey, when asked why customers remain loyal to a brand, the top factors were:
    • Friendly employees and customer reps (73%)
    • Easy access to information and support (55%)
    • Personalized experiences, such as when companies know precisely what products or services customers have purchased in the past and what issues those customers have raised (36%)
  • Revenues will grow. A recent analysis of customer experience leader companies by Watermark Consulting showed a cumulative total return of 22%. Compared to a S&P 500 benchmark that was essentially flat. During the same period a portfolio of customer experience laggards returned a staggering -46%.
  • Forrester’s research says that approach put an extra $900 million in the pockets of wireless service providers, $800 million for hotels, and $400 million for airlines. However here are some numbers specific to certain industries. For example, retailers can achieve nearly 35% net increase in revenues, but broken down into 15% additional purchases from current customers, 11% less churn or customers going to competitors and 8% new business from recommendations.

Let us show you how to be the first to implement this lucrative strategy in your industry.

So, is CX for you? Are any of these true for
your organization?

  • A frustration with employee engagement and productivity
  • Decisions often bottleneck at the managerial level.
  • Customers sometimes reduce the amount of business they do with you or just fade away completely.
  • Business is most often won by offering a lower price than your competition.
  • The only way to increase business is to increase staff.
  • Your sales team cannot close enough sales or spend too much time chasing bad leads.
  • You struggle to consistently attract and hire good employees.

We can show you how growing companies are currently reducing or eliminating all of these common issues with simple solutions that create an customer focused organization.

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