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Social Media Marketing and Management: Reach your customers with unprecedented accuracy.

social-media-marketingNowhere is customer engagement more effective than through a socially driven campaign (social media marketing) aligned with your traditional brand efforts. It’s a cost-effective, customer-based method to stay connected to your customers. If you listen, they will engage with you.

Social media marketing is misunderstood both for its relevancy and its effectiveness. First of all, it’s a conversation, not a communication. So it requires two–you and your customer. Perfect for driving customer engagement. Not just customer transactions.

Our approach is far different than executing a Facebook or LinkedIn page. We show you how to optimize your social media channels to satisfy your marketing objectives. We have experience with converting social media advertising investments into more leads and sales. We can leverage a variety of tools from online YouTube product demonstrations to Facebook Behavioral Targeted ads to personal portal usage and blogger influence analysis to drive traffic to the brand. Read more about social media advertising.

Social Media Management

Companies who tell you they can manage your Social Media posts are really only half right. We can help you create a Social Media strategy, we can even develop a library of regular posts, but there is no substitute for actively engaging with your customers directly. We can show you how to manage it effectively without taking too much of your day.

Most importantly, we translate your traditional marketing objectives into impactful and engaging social campaigns. After all, word of mouth is the strongest form of customer engagement you can have.