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Engage a mobile community with the devices they carry with them 24/7.

Mobile-AppAccording to the CTIA Wireless Association, over 80% of the population carries a mobile phone. A mobile website is not only perfect for today’s tech-savvy audience, but it also offers your customers an additional touch point for your products and services. Contrary to popular belief, a mobile website is not a mobile app nor your website optimized for a mobile devices. Consider engaging through a unique WAP site (Wireless Application Protocol) that’s customized for the needs of the customer in the field. Read about our development process.



First, we evaluate your needs.

We develop all websites to be mobile responsive, which means the website detects when a user is logging into your website from a mobile device and automatically reformats the site to fit the visual display of the device being used.

Secondly, we determine your customer’s needs.

For example, if you customer’s often seek your products or services from their mobile device while on the go, we may recommend developing an abbreviated version of your website in a mobile format, providing customers one-click access to exactly the information they need while out and about.

Finally, we determine your employees needs.

Perhaps a mobile app is a better, more user friendly method for providing service for your customers, making it a must-have sales tool. Mobile websites can also be built as a portal tool for your staff in the field, when a mobile app isn’t acceptable for the app stores. Your sales team or other staff can collaborate and communicate while on the go, domestically or internationally. Read more about mobile app development here.

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