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Story Selling™: Selling in a world adverse to sales.

A new technique for generating leads and improving close rates
for today’s informed world.



Hundreds of books have been developed around the art of selling. It IS an art. Yet, far too many companies load sales pitches with the science. The facts and figures that support your benefits, but make your company virtually indistinguishable from your competitors in today’s busy, information-overload world.

We’ve been trained to lead with our benefits. That’s how companies have always marketed and how they’ve always sold. Make sure the customer understands how we could potentially make their life easier. So when you’re asked what you do, as a salesperson, you say something that sounds cliched “well, we train internal employee skills and change leadership behaviors to create sustainable, customer-focused organizations.”

And so do your competitors.

However, your customers have changed. Today’s multi-channel world offers them more choices, while empowering them with third-party insights into your products or services through online sources. As customers, we’ve all become inundated with constant sales messages through dozens of channels. As a result, we’ve developed a natural tendency to shut down as soon as we feel we’re being “sold.”

Instead of leading with our benefits, we suggest leading your prospects TO your benefits by building a compelling story. We’ll show you how.