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Story Selling: How to sell in a world adverse to sales.

Are you frustrated by chronically lackluster sales results? Your customers have changed. Today’s multi-channel world offers them more choices thus creating an aversion to sales. Our Story Selling process shows you how to overcome their reluctance to help generate leads and improve close rates.

Customer expectations have
changed. Have you?

Today’s customers are in control. Smart companies are embracing these changes as an opportunity to differentiate in a way their competitors cannot imitate. Learn how, with some simple steps, you could be one of the first to leverage this changed landscape into a competitive advantage.

How to survive the Employee
Zombie Apocalypse.

Are you infected with a lack of accountability, low efficiency and anemic profitability? These same issues plague business owners and leaders worldwide. Fight Employee Zombies! This webinar will revolutionize how you attract, train and retain top employee talent in today’s social age.

Marketing has changed. Have you?

Are you frustrated by weak sales and marketing results? it’s not your marketing. It’s your market. Customer expectations have changed. Here’s how to change your marketing by changing the roles of marketing to turn your cusomter’s new buying habits into a competitive advantage while leverage trackable and, many times, less expensive communications channels.

High Performance Leadership.

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins outlines the habits of highly effective leadership. The Mosconi Group outlines some of the action steps you can take to move your organization in that direction.

Emotional Intelligence: Success in
relationships, work, and even
our physical well-being.

Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others to help ensure success from you and those around you.

Employee communications have
changed. Have you?

85% of success is due to communication. With today’s ever-evolving communications methods, maintaining successful communications is more challenging than ever. This webinar, based upon observation and research from the foremost authorities in the field of organizational transformation, will provide you with the principles and practices to help you, and your employees, communicate internally but more importantly to your customers.

Developing High Performance

High Performance Teams go beyond the traditional team goals of improving productivity and quality to improving the quality of work life for your employees. It is a key component for creating or improving customer experience as productive and engaged employees are the key to customer loyalty.

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