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Helicx is dedicated to providing the latest research on the most important topics in Customer Experience and High Performance Solutions. Our desire is for leaders at all levels to have insight into the practices that can bring about the greatest potential in their organizations.

You can access our white papers in PDF by clicking on any of the following topics:

  • Effective Communication

    Effective communication is a critical component of organizational success. Yet not every organization or their leaders do it well.

  • Powers of Persuasion

    Persuasion is the key to success in every facet of life. But persuasion is not manipulation.

  • Leveraging Time

    Time is today’s most important asset. Are you failing to use this asset to your advantage?

  • Organizational Transformation

    Today processes are being reengineered and costs are being reorganized. Unfortunately most leadership groups lack a proven system to approach the challenge.

  • Resolving Conflict

    It is not possible for two or more people to work together and always agree. Conflict can be necessary and beneficial.

  • Celebrating Diversity

    High Performance organizations recognize the importance of diversity to success. The more aware we are of our own emotions the more control we have over them increasing productivity and efficiency for more effective sales people more creative teams and more nimble management.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    For the culture of an organization to transform into a High Performance model employees must move from engagement to entanglement.

  • Employee Engagement

    How to create teams that feel accountable for their work solve problems make decisions and fully invest themselves in the organization.

  • Creating High Performance Teams

    Even though trust is a key aspect to all relationships it can be misunderstood or mismanaged in many companies which leads to serious consequences over time.

  • Organizational Trust

    You do not have to change the world to be a great leader. Leaders are able to create organizations and teams that encourage others to rise above mediocrity.

  • Leading With Vision

    Everyone possesses the ability to lead. But there are several dimensions of leadership within the workplace.

  • Understanding Leadership Roles

    When you know and act on maximizing where you excel then it allows you to become a greater asset to your team.

  • The Common Obstacles in Teamwork

    If you make a promise to your team or consumers commit to it and carry through with that promise people will trust you.

  • Building Trust By Working On Me First