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How hard is your website working?

Is your website meeting the needs of your visitors? Find out with our Website Analysis & Report Card.

Why we’re different.

Our background in purchase behaviors generates a comprehensive report for your review. You get not only the scores, but what they mean for your business and the actions you should take to correct any issues. All of this, free of charge.

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What you get.

We run your website through our software to determine how well you score for the following:

  • Website Usability: How easy is it for customers move through your website and find the information they need to move to the next stage of your sales funnel?
  • Mobile Usability: Google’s algorithm changes have increased the importance of mobile usability, for certain types of sites.
  • Lead Generation: How well does your website engage potential customers?
  • Conversions: Once engaged, does your site make it easy to convert them into a marketing qualified lead?
  • SEO: Organic search optimization puts your site into the path of your potential customers. How optimized is your site?
  • Social Media: Social media channels are increasing in importance for drawing potential leads into your site. How integrated is yours?
  • Blogging: Are you engaging potential customers with relevant content. Find out!