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Customer Experience Management – A New Way Of Thinking

KnowYourCustomer-1024x787Developing a Customer Experience (CX) focused organization:

  • Creates loyal customers
  • Gives you a competitive advantage your competitors cannot imitate
  • Attracts and retains top talent.

Most organizations understand the customer experience matters. However, few understand how to execute. You could be first to implement this lucrative strategy in your industry.

Whether you’re in the consumer product business or you provide business-to-business services, it’s the experience that matters most. It’s the experience that stays with your customer and makes the product or service you provide meaningful.

Consider this: It’s only taken 10 years for 40% of the Fortune 500 to be replaced. Most didn’t even realize they were obsolete until it was too late. How do we explain why a corporate giant like Kodak can collapse while a simple photosharing app called Instagram is purchased for a billion dollars? Poor management? Weak leadership? Bad economy? Perhaps.

We believe most declines or failures can be attributed to fundamental changes in why customers buy.

Purchase behaviors used to be linear. Your customer would hear about your product, seek it out at the store and buy it. Or not buy it.

However, we no longer buy in this linear fashion. Today’s multi-channel world offers your customers more choices, while empowering them with third-party insights into your products or services through online sources. Instead of visiting a store or awaiting a sales call, customers now more often switch between channels as they move toward purchase: shop by smartphone, watch TV, read online reviews, talk to a friend, even making an initial, low-commitment purchase from your company. It’s a more circular–or even zig-zag–buying cycle.

With some simple shifts in your business processes, you could be the first in your industry to leverage this changed landscape into a competitive advantage.

Are any of these true for your organization?

  • A frustration with employee engagement and productivity
  • Decisions often bottleneck at the managerial level.
  • Customers sometimes reduce the amount of business they do with you or just fade away completely.
  • Business is most often won by offering a lower price than your competition.
  • The only way to increase business is to increase staff.
  • Your sales team cannot close enough sales or spend too much time chasing bad leads.
  • You struggle to consistently attract and hire good employees.

We can show you how growing companies are currently reducing or eliminating all of these common issues with simple solutions that not only drive business but also retain the best people.